Range Belt Part 1 of 2  Velcro Base Belt

Range Belt Part 1 of 2 Velcro Base Belt

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This base belt is the beginning of the two part Range Belt. The belt will have the soft loop side of the Hook & Loop system on stiff 1 1/2" webbing so that even the base belt will have the stiffness needed to carry a light load and hold up your pants all at the same time.

✔ 1 1/2” American made webbing with a breaking strength of 8,500-6,300 lbs  (color dependent).

✔ One layer of this webbing and Hook type fastener are sewn together with Gov. type F Thread to provide the vertical stiffness, security, and comfort to effectively carry your EDC load out without sagging.

✔ Hook & Loop fastener on the running ends of the belt to secure the center of the belt so no buckle is used; a buckle will only be on the Part 2 of the range belt.

 Webbing, Hook, and loop will all match on this .

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