Range Belt Part 2 of 2 Marpat Coyote Brown

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This is part two of the 2 part range belt. This is the outer belt that can easily be removed and will feature the Hook portion of the two part system. The outer belt will come with a 1" raptor buckle. It is recommended that Part 1 of the range belt be used with this belt. It can be used independently but will feature the Hook portion that can irritate the skin if not used with the loop part one belt.

✔ 1 1/2” American made webbing with a 37.8 k/n (8,500 lbs) breaking strength color Marpat Coyote Brown

✔ The two layers (1" and 1.5") are sewn together with Gov. type F Thread to provide the vertical stiffness, security, and comfort to effectively carry your EDC load out without sagging

✔ The American Made 1" Raptor buckle to provide easy adjustment and 9 k/n (2,000lb) breaking strength in a quick disconnect package

1” Mil-Spec webbing has two rows of stitching that attaches it to the 1.5” base webbing. The 1” webbing has a 5.3 K/n (1,200 lbs) breaking strength.

Hook & Loop fastener on the running end of the belt to secure the end of the tail and prevent flapping.

The belt will be lined with the Hook portion to be used with the Part 1 Range Belt System.

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