Warranty & Returns

Cal-Tac Sewing’s warranty covers any defect in material or workmanship occurring under normal use within 60 days of purchase.

A restocking fee of 35% will be charged for all returned goods, except warranty items or if the belt has not been made "BNM". If the belt has not been made a full refund will be given (Please note that we are very quick to build each belt, your belt may be finished with in hours of your order. So be sure and be quick on your requests).

Changing belt styles, if changing styles you will be refunded the original order amount minus 35% for return, unless "BNM". You can then order the new style you desire. 

Shipping fees  will be payed by the customer on all items or any item we have made a shipping label for. This includes orders that are awaiting pickup from Postal service with printed labels. We will Pay shipping to the customer from Cal-Tac Sewing on all warranty repairs completed.

We will work hard to make a fair and honest effort to correct any problems that may be encountered.

I highly recommend that you first measure your waist when ordering to avoid most problems that are the cause for returns. THIS IS NOT YOUR PANTS SIZE!