About us

Cal-Tac Sewing was started to achieve four simple goals.
• Make a high quality belts.
• Make them affordable.
• Make them quickly.
• Above all, that belt has to be American made with all American parts.
This four goal combined seems to be a very difficult achievement for many companies that make belts.

With my time in the military, I was always astounded at the price of the items I needed from the civilian market to efficiently perform my job. I was then upset to find that almost none of these items were made in America. This boggled my mind to think that, if I wanted the best items to keep me alive, I was going to pay an exorbitant amount for a foreign made item being sold by an American owned company.

I have been sewing since my mom taught me at age 6 on her Pfaff sewing machine. I picked it up like a fish to water. I have now been sewing for more than 30 years. I started off making items like blankets, pillows and small pouches, then moved on to support my need for uniform patches and climbing gear. For a short time I was content buying gear and then altering it to be what I needed. I altered horse saddles, dog leashes, down sleeping bags, tents and climbing packs to suite my needs. After years of making my own items and being asked “where did you get that”, and “will you make me one?”

Cal-Tac Sewing was born, to make buying quality ALL American goods, at a reasonable price the standard for others to follow. 

Why belts? I was tired of seeing people and myself, paying so much money for a single item, to then get an email saying my order is now at the back of the line, because someone else needs it more or will pay more. This would make it a 12 week wait time for a belt!  We hope to make belts faster and better, while offering better service to everyone not just the elite.