1.75" Everyday Carry (EDC) belt with 1" Raptor Buckle

This is a 1.75” Everyday Carry (EDC) belt with the following features:

    • 1.75” American made Type 13 Mil-Spec webbing with a 31.1 k/n (7,000 lbs) breaking strength
    • Two layers of this webbing sewn together with Gov. type F Thread to provide the vertical stiffness, security, and comfort to effectively carry your EDC load out without sagging
    • The American Made Raptor buckle to provide easy adjustment and 9 k/n (2,000lb) breaking strength in a quick disconnect package
    • 1” Mil-Spec webbing has two rows of stitching that attaches it to the 1.75” base webbing. The 1” webbing has a 5.3 K/n (1,200 lbs) breaking strength
    • Hook & Loop fastener on the running end of the belt to secure the end of the tail and prevent flapping
    • The option to add a H425BK parachute-grade black V-ring for emergency repelling and safety tethering
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